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Voice Servers

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A voice server is a server for IP telephony over a computer network (Internet / LAN). [1] In contrast to the peer-to-peer principle of traditional telephony, where two or more conference participants simultaneously connect online, the voice server software is used for voice-supported chats on the Internet. For this purpose, a server program for the service provider and a client program are required on the user / subscriber's PC in the voice server process. The server is permanently online as a fixed start point under a static host address (IP, domain), while the subscribers log on to the service provider using their access data, depending on the communication requirements, in order to communicate there with the online voices chatters. Wide-spread voice servers are found in instant messenger and chat room providers. The community of Internet gamers is one of the main user groups. Collaboration with ego-shooters, strategy games, or rolling games (MMORPG) are useful here and provide the necessary advantage over an opposing team or player. The offer of commercial and freely usable voice server programs is diverse. For most software solutions, there is the possibility to set up different audio chat rooms on a voice server as well as the status and rights allocation (eg administrator, moderator).