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Indiaaccess  is committed to providing our customers with a secure, abuse free environment. We investigate all reports of abuse and security violations on our system and appreciate your taking the time to notify us of any violations of our usage policy.

We consider abuse violations to include anything that is prohibited.  To expedite our investigation process, please read our Usage Policy and the guidelines below before submitting your abuse report.

To report unsolicited commercial email (UCE/spam), please forward the entire message, including full headers, leaving the original subject line intact. You will recognize full headers by the "received" line(s) shown. If you need assistance in enabling full headers, please refer to the help section of your email client.

To report off-topic commercial newsgroup postings, please forward a copy of the offending post, including full headers, leaving the original subject line intact.

To report scans, probes, hacking attempts or similar activities, please include an excerpt of your auto-generated log files showing ONLY THE INCIDENTS PERTAINING TO SkyNetWEB, cut and pasted directly into the email message, including:

  • Offending IP Address
  • Date
  • Specific Time
  • Time Zone
  • Source/Destination Ports
  • Any other brief pertinent details


Traceroutes, Whois Lookups, or Ping results, as these do not contribute to the investigation, and can often cause the message to become garbled or unreadable.

Screenshots cannot be accepted in lieu of log excerpts.

Attachments that are in a proprietary format (i.e., a log file readable only by your firewall program or one that requires special software to view, such as a spreadsheet or word processor document). If you do send an attachment, please note the format type in your email message. If you need further guidance on submitting an abuse report, please email

India@ccess [ 101, B/32, Sector XI ][ Opp. Mira Road Station (E) ][ Dist. Thane - 401107, Mumbai ]
[ Tel: 91-22-28130029/28128771 ][ fax: 91-22-28128771 ][ web: ][ email: ]

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