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Stop Spam and Viruses with
M@iltotal -Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam
Secure Enterprise Messaging Service.




Computer viruses and worms distribute themselves in most cases by e-mails and are thus able to spread at an incredible speed across the Internet. The M@ILTOTAL Secure Enterprise Messaging Service is designed to stop e-mail borne security threats before they enter your network.

Mailtotal Service stores unmodified copies of virus infected messages in a quarantine, and spam in SPAM folder, via web interface the user can view messages. The user can also bypass the security measures and resend the original to his/her mailbox. Infected originals are kept in the quarantine for 15 days. And customer informed weekly by email of their virus folder content (if user fails to check the web interface)


Proactively managed security services (VIRUS /SPAM blocked at server level).

The ever growing problem of spam tackled finally without user intervention.

Always on guard with latest defense, Anti-virus signatures updated every hour.

Employs heuristics to evaluate program behavior to catch undiscovered viruses.

Scans message body and all attachments.

Decomposes messages down to multiple levels (message with multiple forwards)

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam scans incoming, out-going and local/internal messages so that users are protected from virus threats

All SPAM mails stored in SPAM folder
All VIRUS mails stored in Virus quarantine folder
Facility to report mistaken SPAM mails
Facility to report missed SPAM mails
Facility to block email addresses
Facility to block entire domain
Facility to blacklist email address/domain 
(always considered spam)
Facility to white list email address/domain 
(always considered legit mail)

Facility to redirect spam mail some where else  (delete, forward, resend etc.)

Per user defined SPAM /Virus filtering rules.
Virus notification sent to Virus Sender 
and Virus Recipient

Dangerous file rejection notification sent to Recipient (files like vbs,pif, scr,bat,com,exe,dll,ade,bas,chm,cmd,com,
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